Here are some of my students comments:

“ I have come to Pilates rather late in life and under Katja’s guidance I have found it a revelation. The best teaching in any subject combines thorough knowledge with excellent communication. Katja clearly has a deep understanding of human physique but wears her knowledge very lightly. Her instructions to students are notably clear and economical and the programme of exercises in each class flows in a logical sequence with abundant variation between one session and the next. Katja knows all her students individually and modifies exercises for those with physical constraints with the minimum fuss and the maximum tact. She manages to create an atmosphere in her classes which is both concentrated and at the same time relaxed, and the number of regular students attending week after week attests to the success of her methods and the deep sense of wellbeing which each class creates. Best of all is the warmth and enthusiasm which Katja brings to each session and the quiet enjoyment she obviously derives from teaching us. It is the mark of a delightful personality whose talents we are all fortunate to enjoy. ”

- GG

“ I was first introduced to Katja through my physiotherapist in January 2008. I had 3 slipped discs; 2 small ones & one larger which were causing me continual pain and I had had a series of operations for another condition which had weakened me considerably I started off with one to one sessions and eventually progressed to Katja’s group classes. She is the most wonderful and natural teacher and understands exactly which level she needs to work on with you. I felt that there was very little I could attempt when we first started working together, but she always made me feel that I could and would get there in the end. I now can’t believe some of the things that I can try to do which would have terrified me previously. I have been working with Katja regularly now for nearly three years and I cannot imagine not seeing her every week. She literally makes me walk a little taller. I will never be “cured”, but my back pain has receded considerably and through her guidance and support I have been able to find the confidence to move forward in my life. Her classes are quite simply my lifeline and make me a nicer person to be around! ”

- Sam F.

“ Katja has been teaching me for almost 2 years now & in this time I have seen a huge difference in my core strength & posture. Katja is a wonderful teacher who tailors classes to my specific needs while still making classes interesting & fun. She is very well organized & prepared ensuring lots of variety in the routines. Katja is such a warm & lovely person you can’t help but enjoy her classes. ”

- Sarah B.

“ Katja has taught me for 2 years and made me fall in love with Pilates to such an extent that I am training to be a teacher. Her teaching manner is fantastic – calming, clear, and addictive! My body has transformed since being under her guidance and all aspects of my life have improved. ”

- Daisy A.

“ Katja combines a deep understanding of Pilates teaching with a delightful personality. She varies the programme so that it never becomes boring, while concentrating on any weaknesses of balance and control. I warmly recommend her. ”

- David W.

“ I really value Katja’s dedication as a teacher and the way she both presents the classes but also how she responds to people and makes each one of us feel welcome and important. ”

- Sheila K.

“ Thanks so much for the classes over the years, it's the most tranquil hour of my week and the difference it has made to my back is impossible to overstate, at the moment I am virtually symptom free and I'm sure that's in large part due to Katja’s Pilates class. Katja is an excellent teacher and I think the whole class appreciates the enthusiasm and the attention to detail that she brings to every class, it can't be easy to simultaneously push people to achieve more whilst at the same time making sure that they enjoy the hour that they spend with for the class. Katja’s teaching is consistently excellent – Thank you! ”

- Dan

“ I took up Pilates with Katja a year or so after an operation for a new hip. Now, aged 70, entirely thanks to Katja’s sensitive and targeted remedial training, my balance, strength and mobility are better than at any time over the past ten years. ”

- Wendy B.

“ Katja has such infectious enthusiasm and I love the way that no two lessons are ever the same. She has helped me tremendously both physically and emotionally. I had struggled with pains in my arms, back and neck for years and Katja’s teaching has made that a thing of the past and she has also helped me to understand that it is OK to do some things slowly and gently! ”

- Gale B.

“ I first joined Katja's group Pilates sessions about 3 years ago in search of relief from back pain and I absolutely love it! An accident in 2000 resulted in 2 broken vertebrae and problems with my hips and pelvis. I have done many different Pilates classes over the years since my accident and no teacher has remotely compared to Katja. Her affinity with the muscular skeletal form is born of natural talent as well as serious amounts of training. Her attention to detail shows us that she really cares. She calls everyone by name and remembers all of our individual issues in acute detail. About 6 months ago I progressed into her pregnancy pilates classes. With an already complicated back, the help that Katja has given me has changed the shape of my pregnancy. I dread to think what a mess I would be in now without Katja's help. ”

- Anna G.

“ I really enjoy Katja's classes. They are always different from one week to another, they keep me focused and give me a great feeling after. I feel a different person since I started pilates, it’s just amazing how great it is for our bodies and minds as well. And I’ve never met such a passionate teacher like Katja. So, I am delighted to be taking part in her classes. Thank you for that!!! ”

- Magda P.

“ Katja is an amazing instructor. She is simply the best! I cannot say enough good things about her, or her class. She’s kind, caring, highly experienced, personable, professional, dedicated and focussed, and she’ll get you in shape in no time-and without injury. Katja has a unique ability to motivate you. And you’ll want to keep going back again and again. I simply love her class so much I can’t recommend it enough. You’ll feel great after every class! ”

- Gina R.

“ It really helps me a lot to come to Katja’s classes in more than one way: ) She is an amazing teacher and does an incredible job helping all of us with such kindness and gentleness. I always return from her classes feeling completed rebooted. ”

- Chiara A.

“ This Working Mum’s Survival Tip - Treat yourself to Katja’s yoga class! It is a great mix of - the postures you know or can learn fairly quickly but she somehow presents them differently and adds to them every week so we are constantly moving, stretching and breathing. I feel challenged to give everything a go and feel grounded to keep myself going through my week ahead. I love Katja’s class. I can’t do all the yoga postures (yet!) but I am always excited to give everything a go and every week I feel a bit more flexible. I even touched my toes last week for the first time in a very long time! Having not exercised in a long time this 40 something year old body was really getting creaky. Yoga has been just the thing for me. I am so much more flexible, have more energy and feel more centred. Katja’s class is great because every week is different and we are moving and stretching the whole time. Can I do everything? No – but I always give it a go and more times than not I am surprised at how I am just a little bit more flexible than the week before. You should try Katja’s class! ”

- Julie S.

“ After more than 20 years of yoga with a number of teachers, I can honestly say that Katja is as good as it gets. Her quiet presence and skilful instruction creates a serene and focused atmosphere which allows the class to flow effortlessly. In this way the class achieves a sense of unity where we all move and breathe as one, with Katja quietly adjusting a foot here, an arm there, so that we each receive her attention when needed and our own individual practice is strengthened and deepened. Katja's pilates classes are just as uplifting and re-balancing as her yoga classes. Both leave you feeling stronger, calmer and happier. And it still takes me by surprise how much taller I always feel on a Friday, the day after pilates! Katja is one of those rare instructors whose teaching you feel comes from somewhere beyond the human mind, achieving a dynamic balance between energy and calmness; precision and creativity; grounding and transcendence. I feel very lucky to have found her. Elizabeth Mattson, Alexander Technique teacher ”

- Liz M.

“ Katja’s Yoga and Pilates classes are brilliant! She inspires, encourages and challenges me every week. She is a patient, kind and inspirational teacher who constantly brings new ideas and challenges to the class. I leave feeling revitalised with a wonderful sense of well-being. ”

- Jo B.

“ I have tried many different types of yoga and attended a huge number classes over the years all over London and abroad. I can honestly say that Katja's Saturday morning yoga class in Ealing is the best I have ever found. I have been coming to Katja's yoga classes now for almost 8 years and cannot recommend them highly enough. They are - quite simply - amazing and Katja is an incredibly gifted teacher. Originally referred to Katja's classes by my physiotherapist after an injury, I immediately realized that I had found the ideal yoga class for me. Katja practices Vinyasa flow yoga: a series of flowing movements that connect with the breath to energize the body and calm the mind. Although the classes incorporate classic yoga sun salutations and postures, every class is unique and offers a different challenge each time - you never get bored or complacent. Katja's calm and joyful presence make these classes really special and despite sometimes being quite demanding, they are always a real pleasure to take part in. Everyone who attends Katja's classes knows how fortunate we are to have someone of her calibre as our teacher. She combines a thorough knowledge of how the body works with a deep understanding of the practice of yoga and its benefits - not just on a physical level, but on a deeper one too. Katja is uniquely skilled in explaining how to enter into difficult or new positions to get the best results and is incredibly sensitive to the needs of the class - many of whom have been coming for a long time. ”

- Natasha M.-J.

“ I love Katja's classes. There is no sense of worrying about what other members of the class can do, no egotism or competitiveness. The focus is always on listening to your own body and doing what is right for you. Katja also offers advice to all members of the class with great spirit of thoughtfulness and care. The class challenges in just the right measure. Fantastic" ”

- Catherine P.

“ I first met Katja many years ago when she helped me overcome a running injury through posture correction and pilates. I have attended Katja’s classes ever since. Katja is an outstanding teacher. No other class I have attended over the years comes close. Katja is a wonderful mix of calmness, gentleness and grace along with having a great sense of fun and a very warm heart. As a former professional dancer, Katja is extremely knowledgeable about the body’s anatomy and physiology; and the importance of dedication in maintaining a healthy body and mind, but as with everything, she shares her knowledge and passion modestly. The pattern of every class is unique so we never get bored. Katja gives clear and precise instructions, with alternatives for those who want to challenge themselves and those who need to pursue classes more gently. Katja also suggests adjustments for those nursing particular injuries with discretion and no fuss. Katja is a delight to be with and I know I am not alone in considering the hours in her classes each week, both yoga and pilates, as some of my most rejuvenating and satisfying times. My only concern in writing this, is that too many people may want to come along to Katja’s classes and there won’t be space for me! ”

- Anna B

“ Thank you again, Katja, for the (pregnancy) classes. I have really looked forward to them each week and found them really relaxing and helping in feeling a sense of strength as I prepare for this birth. Katja is so clear in her instruction and creates such lovely atmosphere by her thoughtful manner. ”

- Philippa P.

“ I have found Katja’s classes extremely useful and enjoyable throughout my pregnancy and beyond. Katja manages to create a relaxing and stress free environment. I have found her to be a creative and attentive tutor whose class is expertly tailored to suit all abilities. ”

- Emma S.

“ Thank you for the way that you run your classes - I enjoyed them so much and found them such a lovely way to connect with my body and also the baby during my pregnancy. It also really helped with the niggles and I felt able to come even when my hip was injured because of the adjustments you were able to make for me. I also always came home feeling relaxed and slept better, and just really enjoyed the atmosphere you create in the classes. So a big Thank you from Zack and me for that! ”

- Maddie S.

“ I wanted to say a big thank you for the classes, both for this pregnancy and the last. They have really helped me feel stronger and more confident in preparation for the birth and beyond. ”

- Louise B.

“ Thank you so much for being such a positive part of my pregnancy journey. I really looked forward to Katja’s class every week. It is obvious how much she cares about those who attend her classes and she is great at what she does. ”

- Anna B.

“ Thanks so much for the Pilates classes during pregnancy - I really enjoyed them and think they definitely helped my strength & flexibility. ”

- Claire W.

“ I just wanted to say thank you for all the fabulous pregnancy yoga, I've really enjoyed it and it's definitely helped me relax and be prepared for birth. ”

- Lindsay V.