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I studied ballet and contemporary dance for over ten years both in Germany and the UK. As professional dancer I heard about Pilates. I started classes with Milena Regis at the Body Conditioning Studio run by Dreas Reineke in Nottinghill Gate and fell in love with the method. Milena herself was a dancer and taught me how to use Pilates to strengthen my dance technique and improve my overall health and fitness. Immensely enjoying the benefits of Pilates, I wanted to help others and benefit as much as I did from this fantastic exercise method, so I continued my professional development by taking up teacher training with Alan Herdman.

Alan learned about Pilates in New York working with instructors, who had been trained by Joseph Pilates himself. When he returned to the UK, he set up the first Pilates studio in Britain. To find out more about Alan, please visit his website,

During teacher training, I learned how Pilates can help with general fitness but also how it can be safely applied helping with recovery from injuries or medical conditions. Once fully qualified, I started teaching both Pilates mat classes as well as in dedicated studios using specialized, spring-resistance equipment. I draw my experience from working in many Pilates studios across London, amongst them Pilates Central, Trevor Blount Pilates, Pilates Plus, and more. I started my own group classes in Ealing in 2007 which are now very well established and have grown over the years.

In 2010 and 2013 I took some time out to have my two beautiful children. Following their arrivals I now focus on building my work, group classes and private sessions, in Ealing. Having my children is proving to me even more how important it is to look after oneself in order to be well, healthy and strong to look after them. They are my inspiration to do my best in all I do.

Alongside practicing and teaching Pilates, I also practice and teach Yoga. Joseph Pilates took inspiration from yoga and so we find many similarities between both Pilates and Yoga. Both disciplines compliment each other yet they have many differences. I practiced with many teachers in London before completing the Life Centre's 18-months yoga teacher training level one, fully qualifying as 200 hours yoga teacher in June 2008. My journey of learning and studying continues. In April 2015 I started Jason Crandell's 300 hours advanced vinyasa yoga teacher training. He has been a huge influence to me and has helped me find my own teaching voice. Completing the course in January 2016 I am now a 500 hours qualified Yoga teacher. I continue to take workshops and teacher training intensives to further my Pilates and Yoga education.

My passion for movement continues to guide and inspire me and my teaching. Beside Pilates and Yoga I also love cycling, running and horse riding. I have completed several half marathons and 4 marathons.

I love working with people and help them connect to their bodies and minds through safe, precise and effective movements. Understanding how our bodies and minds work together can help us gain strength both physically and mentally. With greater awareness  and mindfulness we can delve beyond our physical body and discover our deeper self.

Learning how to look after our body to keep healthy, strong and flexible is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves.